Programming on the DSi or 3DS. Yes please!

Update details were slower than normal today, but we do now have a mixture of 3DS VC games, a couple of mystery eShop titles and some good-old DSiWare to look at this week. Let's get right into it.

3DS Virtual Console

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters (Game Boy, Nintendo, $3.99) — Before his high profile 3DS appearance with Kid Icarus: Uprising, this Game Boy title was Pit's only previous appearance on a handheld. This sequel to the cult classic on NES actually fixes some of the issues that made the original so brutally difficult, though this isn't a walk in the park itself. As our Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters review explains, this is certainly worth a download for fans of the series.

Tumble Pop (Game Boy, Data East, $2.99) — If you don't know much about this one, don't worry. This arcade platformer tasks you with defeating a variety of monsters and enemies by sucking them up with a rather powerful vacuum cleaner. A game with a mix of both strategy and puzzling, our Tumble Pop review explains why this one is best played in small doses.


The Phantom Thief Stina and 30 Jewels (Agetec, $4.99) — This title has come as a surprise this week, and is a real-time strategy game played from an overhead view. The objective is to steal jewels from 30 stages while avoiding capture, at which point you unlock more levels where you play as the detective trying to catch the thief. Is it actually any good? We'll have a review for you soon.

Masyu by Nikoli (HAMSTER Corporation, $4.99) — Carrying on the series in the Nikoli brand, Masyu is a grid-based puzzle where you tactically draw lines through spaces while adhering to tricky rules. With Stage Clear and Random modes, we'll get our thinking caps on and bring you a review.

Game of the Weekend

Mario's Picross (Reduced to $2.99 from 9am PT on 20th July to 9pm PT on 22nd July) — A modest discount of $1 this week, with a bit of Mario puzzling getting the sale treatment. It's the well known puzzle game with a Mario touch, and as our Mario's Picross review says, it may have enough puzzles to last you a good while.


Rabi Laby 2 (Agetec, 200 pts) — A sequel to the thoroughly decent puzzle-platform hybrid Rabi Laby, but this time at a lower price. You're tasked with controlling both Alice and Rabi to clear stages, and we'll get cracking on a review to determine whether it's worth a look.

Petit Computer (Gamebridge, 800 pts) — Undoubtedly one of the most unique apps to hit DSiWare, this title enables you to use BASIC programming code to produce your own games. Even if you're a novice this promises to help you to learn, and there'll be options to share work through Wi-Fi or specially generated QR codes. We'll be making games and bringing a review to you soon. In the meantime check out the official website which has examples of code and lots more info on offer.

Nintendo Video

Dinosaur Office: Sick Day (available 20th July, 3pm PT) — Craig takes a sick day to stay at home, but that doesn't stop his nosy coworkers from interrupting his precious R&R time.

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