The details for this week's Nintendo Download in Europe are out with 3DS, Wii and DSi all getting some love, as well as the long-awaited return of a favourite edutainment series. Let's get to it.

3DS Virtual Console

Wario Land II (Game Boy Color, Nintendo, £4.50/€5) — While Wario's first appearance on Game Boy was linked to the main man's series in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, the portly villain gets to go his own way in this portable sequel. This one's all about recovering riches, of course, with mini games, secret exits and alternative endings also thrown in. This title was originally released on Game Boy but then received its own Game Boy Color version: Europe will receive the latter, and the higher price may be worth it to see Zombie Wario in colour. We'll bring you our review soon.

3DS Add-On Content

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy — £0.90/€1 each:

  • The Dalmasca Estersand (FF12 - FMS)
  • Dungeon (FF02 - FMS)
  • Etro's Champion (FF13-2 - BMS)
  • Battle (FF06 - BMS)

Wii Virtual Console

Double Dragon II: The Revenge (Aksys Games, 500pts) — Hitting Europe a month after the North American VC release, this second entry in the NES beat-em-up series arrives with some improvements on the original. With tighter controls and co-op multiplayer, so painfully lacking in the first title, fans of the series should consider this one: read our Double Dragon II: The Revenge review if you're still not sure.


Successfully Learning English: Year 2 (Tivola, 800pts) — The Successfully Learning franchise is, possibly, the most prolific series on Nintendo download services. We've already been taught English by Freddy the Vampire on DSiWare, but the mascot that cares now wants to share the knowledge on WiiWare. We'll be reviewing this long-awaited return of edutainment later this week.


Zuma's Revenge (PopCap Games, 800pts) — This is another port of an addictive PopCap title, with this one consisting of firing and matching marble colours over 60 levels and boss encounters. It's a pricey download, but as our Zuma's Revenge review explains, there's a lot of compulsive bang for your buck.

Flip the Core (Engine Software, 200pts) — It's another DSiWare shoot-em-up, with the dual tasks of guiding your ship and blasting everything away while also 'flipping' the environment when needed. It's a neat twist and a decent value download without truly excelling, as our Flip the Core review explains.

Video Download

The Incredible Barbazan: The Fire Juggler (€1.50 or £1.40, episode 2 of 6)

See the world’s worst magician performing tricks and stunts that always fail! Created using innovative stop motion animation these hilarious shorts featuring everyones favourite magician are available exclusively in 3D for the first time.

A varied group of downloads this week, but do any of them tickle your fancy? As always, let us know on our Facebook poll.