As it's a Friday, and because we've just learnt about it through the wonders of the internet, we've checked out the official New Super Mario Bros. 2 website and discovered a couple of interesting details. First up, here's a summary of the complexities that the plot will offer in Mario's newest adventure.

Trouble always seems to find its way to the Mushroom Kingdom! Just as Mario™ and Luigi™ go off on a coin hunt in the sky, their beloved Princess Peach™ is kidnapped by the dastardly Koopalings. The brothers have to venture through over 80 stages to rescue her, grabbing an endless deluge of coins across land, water, air, and snow along the way.

Our questions about why Mario suddenly has coin lust, in our Wario is Missing feature, seem all the more important, as Mario's coin hunt distracted him enough for Peach to be kidnapped... again. The second detail is that SpotPass, when enabled, will be used to keep a tally of the worldwide coin total, which could get rather large indeed. We already know that 'something special' will happen if you reach one million coins in your own game, but it'll be interesting if, say, one billion coins worldwide prompts anything to happen in the game. Time will tell.