Today Nintendo of Japan has added two more goodies to its already bountiful collection of merchandise on the Club Nintendo website. For a mere 200 points you can bag yourself a rather snazzy-looking 40x40mm Kirby 20th Anniversary Special Collection medallion, to celebrate Kirby's recent escapade at the top of the Japanese charts. Kirby's 20th Anniversary medal is sure to become a future Nintendo collectable, so make sure you keep it somewhere safe!

If you're planning on splashing out, you can order a Mushroom Kingdom family figurine set for 900 star points. This set stands at 11.5x10cm and features all the usual suspects; Peach, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Yoshi, Toad and even a Goomba. Undoubtedly, these items will run out of stock in a few months time so either order while you can, or be prepared to pay out on eBay in a few years time. If you are in the EU you can already grab the Super Mario set from the European Club Nintendo for 7000 star points — pricey!

If neither of the those rewards tickle your fancy, then you can always grab a copy of the Fire Emblem: Awakening soundtrack, which is available on Club Nintendo of Japan for 400 points, or 250 if you have already registered the 3DS game. The CD includes 20 tracks from the game itself, equating to 64 minutes of epic VGM heaven.

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