So much wtf

Since our last Bizarre Emails Sent to Nintendo Life — Volume 4 the number of idiotic missives reaching our inbox has drastically decreased. Perhaps it's due to the fear of being shamed so publicly, or maybe stupidity is a finite resource and the world is running out.

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Bizarre Emails Sent to Nintendo Life – Volume 4

Although this should go without saying, do not send us intentionally stupid emails. This only wastes our time and yours. It's not funny and it's certainly not clever.

1. The next Hemingway

wassup lol

have 2 bro

have 2 sis and me make 3

lol that my life and that all i am going to tell u lol

from christine lol

2. Thanks guy

i just want to saw everyone in Nintendo is just awesome. i love all the games you guys are making. i am looking forward to the new smash bros. i live Nintendo you guys are the best game company on the planet. looking forward to making my games with you guy.



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4. Will you now?

I will have you deliver combat of giant dinosaurs 3D in my mailbox please

5. Aren't they actually movies..?

My son was hoping that you would make some of the available pictures in black and white so kids everywhere would be able to color or paint them themselves. He really likes the video game pictures, like Batman, Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Carribbean. Thank you for your time.

6. Your card is in the post. Expect delivery in 5 - 10 working lifetimes.

Plzz Give A Ninetendolife card And Contect me my no is [number removed]

7. Serious question about feelings

How would you feel if Neo Bowser City was in Super Mario 3D Land don't you think it be a great idea to put it in or how would you feel if they put in an 8 bit stage from Super Mario Brothers back in 1985?

8. Go right ahead

Would like to updates on games and prices

9. Really wants friends

Hi im [name removed]
im asking you if you can put me out there because i really want friends that have a 3ds and people that i can talk to and play games with. I do not have an email account or a computer that i can browse on all day. I got this email from my bigger brother. and using my 3DS as internet. all im asking for you to do is put my friend code out there ([removed]) and ill look on tomorrow and add the friends that added me in. heck i would ask you to add me as you friend code but i dont have email. if you have questions call me 3:00-7:00pm [removed] this is my house phone

10. Trade-off

Gamefly should have QR labels on the envelopes; one to scan when you got it and one to scan when you send it back and as soon as you scan it prior to you shipping; they send out another. So you have more control in the "Fast Return". Instead of a post office that might have the scanner and might actually scan it; you scan it.

11. Incredible foresight from moneybags

Hi I just wanted to suggest a possible improvement to the 3ds as I cannot purchase any for myself or my children. I find the screen far to small. Could I suggest it slightly larger like the ds lite or dsi. I guess the xl in 3d is a good size if I was going to buy for my smaller children or parents. I will probably have to purchase a xl for my 4 year old this year, whilst my other 2 boys (older) have the dsl. I own every console made and have only recently had to get rid of the original nintendo (before snes) I guess I am just frustrated that I cannot purchase the 3ds because the screen is just too small. I hope my suggestion is considered for improvements as I would love to purchase at least 4 for my 3 children and myself,

12. How the devil should we know?

Well i know that this isnt the matter but why cant i see or read any of my facebook messages please inbox me right away

13. It ends how it began

I would like to know is cricket game is available in market. When it will be available in the United States or can i order from some where outside the United States.