Tom Create is a Japanese developer that may be familiar to gamers who enjoy a lot of download titles from the GO series. The studio has produced DSiWare titles such as GO Series: Earth Saver and GO Series: Tower of Deus, with many being thoroughly decent downloads at a budget price. It now seems that the developer is turning its attention to the 3DS eShop, according to Andriasang, with Escape! Zombie City.

We never said that the studio's output was the most original, and this seems to be no different. Played from an overhead view, you simply move with the Circle Pad and shoot with Y, gunning down hordes of zombies and rescuing the occasional civilian in distress. There's apparently a storyline that involves escaping the zombie infested city before it's blown up, but importantly there are three difficulty settings, a campaign with over 90 stages and 10 levels in an 'Endless Mode', if you just want to shoot the undead without any pesky storylines.

This is due for release on 18th July in Japan, and based on the developer's many appearances in DSiWare we'd expect this one to eventually be released worldwide.