Smashing sales, Mario

We've already brought you news of 3DS XL enjoying a steady start in the UK, but figures for Japan are showing a positive weekend of sales for Nintendo both in terms of the new hardware and New Super Mario Bros. 2.

To start with 3DS XL, chart company Enterbrain has confirmed that over 193,000 units were sold in the first two days on sale in Nintendo's homeland. As reported by, this surpasses the equivalent DSi and DSi XL figures, which were 70,000 and 103,000, respectively. It should be acknowledged that those handheld systems came along a good bit later in the DS life cycle, but it's nevertheless a good sign against some negativity and pessimism in the industry.

As for New Super Mario Bros. 2, that's also performed very well with a reported 430,000 sales in two days. New Super Mario Bros on DS sold 480,000 copies on its first day, for a comparison, but it's still an impressive start for the sequel.