A story worth knowing

The Last Story has been available in Europe for a while now, and received warm critical praise. It was the first game directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi — the creator of the Final Fantasy series — in quite some time, and it was a title with impressive scope and attractive visuals that made the most of Wii. The good news is that North American gamers don't have long to wait until it arrives on 10th July.

In an interview with IGN, Sakaguchi spoke about the game and developing for Wii. Intriguingly, when asked about features left out he said that a battle rewind mechanic was originally considered, but taken out to maintain the tempo of the action.

That would be the “Rewind Function.” This was a feature that when a mage’s magic was successful, an icon would appear for the player to shake the remote. By shaking the controller at that moment it would rewind the battle to just before the mage unleashed their magic. From there it would show the sequence again from an overhead view.

Using this feature, players would have been able to see who used what magic, check the battle situation and then strategize on what to do next. However, the feature slowed the battle tempo too much, so unfortunately we decided to take it out. You can still see remnants of this feature in the overheard view while in command mode, or while watching the Lazulis Knights cheating in the match at the arena.

Creating a large-scale RPG with impressive visuals on Wii is challenging on a technical level, something the Sakaguchi addressed.

It’s unfortunate, but the final issue that always seemed to deny certain ideas was the SD resolution limitation. However, within those parameters we aimed to create a title with beautiful graphics that can compete with modern day specs. I would be pleased if people would view our efforts to their best by switching their cables to advanced connection cables or by playing it in the best environment possible. And though the resolution may be SD, I think players will really enjoy the sophisticated world.

SD or not, it's a beautiful game; are any of you North American gamers planning to pick it up when it arrives this summer? We rather liked it when it was released in Europe, and you can read why in our The Last Story review.

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