That's one big window. No, wait, that's a screen. It's OK.
Image: Vince Bucci / Nintendo of America

How long is a piece of string? And how long is a console launch window? Nintendo says it'll publish several games in the Wii U launch window, but how big a span of time is that? Leave it to Reggie Fils-Aime to explain.

Fils-Aime told IGN Nintendo sees the launch window as spanning a fairly lengthy period:

It's launch plus the following three to four months.

The good news is that everything first-party we've seen is currently slated for the launch window:

Everything that we've shown from a first-party perspective is definitely launch window.

So from Game & Wario to Wii Fit U, it should all land during that three or four month period and avoid a repeat of the 3DS situation, where Nintendo revealed games in 2010 we're still waiting for in the middle of 2012.