Always bet on black

Yesterday we quizzed readers to discover what colour Wii U they would like to buy on launch. The results, you might say, were a bit of a landslide.

Black won with an impressive 190 votes, compared to a measly 49 votes for the white option.

If Nintendo Life readers reflect the mood of the general buying public then Nintendo might fall at the first hurdle with the Wii U launch. Yesterday we reported that a Nintendo representative at E3 had claimed that Wii U would only be available in white at launch, while the black option could follow at a later undisclosed date.


When the original Wii was released in November 2006, the public largely welcomed the white only option possibly because it followed Apple’s style at the time. But times have changed and six years later, most consumer electronics are either black or aluminium. Could a white Wii U look too similar to the original Wii for the general public to really grasp that this is a brand new console, not a simple HD revision?

If a white Wii U was the only option at launch, would you snap one up without hesitation or would you wait for the black option to surface? As always, let us know your thoughts.