Can you handle two screens?

There have been plenty of opinions about Wii U since E3 attendees have had a chance to try it on the show floor, and one participant who's unsure about the console and its GamePad controller is well-known game designer Peter Molyneux.

Much debate around Wii U has focused on the games lineup or technical specifications, but Molyneux has expressed doubts about the core concept of the GamePad controller and its role in providing an extra screen.

I am not really decided about Wii U. I watch people playing and they sometimes seem to be confused about which screen they should look at when they play with the tablet.

I also feel that monitoring both screens turns out to be a bit demanding, as some games make it necessary to change your view from time to time between both screens.

We'll be sharing our hands-on impressions of Wii U titles in the coming days, but do you think having two separate screens to view and use is likely to be a problem?