Remember to play nice

One of Wii U's biggest features so far is Miiverse. It promises to be a social network on the console, infused with typical Nintendo touches to make it as charming and fun as possible. From a practical perspective, the idea is to communicate with other Wii U gamers to receive game tips, arrange online play and make friends.

Another revelation that's typically Nintendo, however, is that there are plans to put moderation in place to stop users being mischievous and using abusive language or images. There will be three barriers set up to control content posted on the Miiverse platform: an automated filter that searches for specific words, a team of Nintendo staff that monitor content manually and the ability for users to report posts as abusive. This filtering will mean posts won't appear instantly, but Nintendo will monitor user feedback to gauge what's considered an acceptable delay. Iwata personally feels 30 minutes is acceptable, but obviously accepts others may disagree.

Iwata has stated that Miiverse must be a safe place for children, which seems like a perfectly reasonable stance, but the idea of a censored and filtered social network won't appeal to everyone. What do you think? Do you agree with Nintendo's plans, or is there another way?