Painting a pretty picture

Warren Spector is proud of Epic Mickey, and why not? Although it suffered from well-known camera issues, it was nevertheless a title full of creativity and great ideas that made good use of the Wii hardware. Such good use, according to Spector, that he still believes it to have the best visuals on the system.

Speaking to Official Nintendo Magazine, Spector shared some views on the successes and misses of the original title, and his hopes for the sequel.

As obnoxious as it sounds, I still think the first Mickey game was the best looking Wii game ever that anyone's ever made so sue me. I love the way the game looks. I'm not saying anyone else has to agree, it's just my opinion. I also think it sounds better than any Wii game ever [laughing] but you can always do better. We're going to. When people see the 2D levels, the 2D side-scrolling levels in the new game I think they're going to see that the team has taken those to a whole new level.

We've already talked about camera and voice - of course we're going to do better this time around - we built a studio and team, a world, a code base, a game engine, we established our relationships with everyone at Nintendo and Disney with the first game. This time around we know what the world is, we know who the characters are, we know what the gameplay is. What are paint and thinner for? We didn't even know that when we started the first game. So I would hope that everything will be better this time around.

If the issues of the original are truly ironed out in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, then it promises to be an exciting title when it arrives on Wii later this year.