More games should have posters like this

Let's play a game.

You're Cinemax, a DSiWare developer, and you're making a game about table football. Your past games have gone for the direct route when it comes to names: 90's Pool, Rytmik and, of course, Calculator. You're working on a table football game — what do you call it?

If you went for Table Football 2012, sorry — not good enough. Foosball Fun? Try harder. If your answer was Goooooal Europa 2012, pursue a career in games development.

Cinemax's game — the five Os are vital — comes to DSiWare later this year, complete with a single-player campaign mode with achievements, customise your team's strip and a mode where you kick bombs instead of balls, aiming to take out the opponent's players with well-aimed shots.

All this sounds pretty good to us. What do you think?