"When can you buy it? I'll never tell! (laughs)

Nintendo will reveal the release date and price for Wii U after its E3 show, president Satoru Iwata has revealed.

Speaking at a financial results briefing, Iwata didn't reveal much about Wii U, other than emphasising that Nintendo would reveal the system's final format and software lineup during E3. Iwata then said:

Please also be advised that, as we did for previous platforms that were launched in the year-end sales season, we will announce the launch date and price in each market sometime after E3.

So don't expect Reggie or Iwata to stand up at the Nokia Theatre and tell you when and where you can buy your Wii U — that information will come later, perhaps via a Nintendo Direct broadcast.

Nintendo revealed the Western release dates and prices for 3DS in January 2011, two months before the console launched, so we could be looking at a few more months of Wii U-related waiting yet.

[source nintendo.co.jp]