Yesterday's leaked Rayman Legends trailer raced around the internet, wowing us with its demonstration of Wii U's near field communication technology and much more.

Naturally the trailer was picked apart, with readers and some sites (like GameXplain, for instance) noticing a strange black square on the Wii U controller's underside:


Is it a new feature? An infra-red camera perhaps?

The truth is nothing so exciting. Our sources in the development community have told us it's just a sticker, covering up a port used to update the controller's system software while the machine is still in development. Final retail controllers won't have the port nor, therefore, the sticker.

Also don't get too excited about the cable: we're told it's a coaxial cable connecting development hardware to the controller and that the final controller will, of course, be wireless.

So there you go — you can take your tinfoil hats off now.