Get ready to race

In an unexpected (to say the least) twist, SEGA is bringing back Virtual Console Arcade this week with a truly classic racer. Elsewhere there's brand new DSiWare and a Game Boy Color game on 3DS too. Here's what's up this week.

Wii Virtual Console

Super Hang-On (Virtual Console Arcade, SEGA, 900pts) — The legendary racer reaches VC Arcade in Europe over 18 months after it hit Japan, but better late than never, eh? We'll have a full review soon.

3DS Virtual Console

Game & Watch Gallery 2 (Game Boy Color, Nintendo, £3.60/€4) — Another set of LCD games from the black and white era, we'll bring you a review of this compilation very soon.


Cat Frenzy (Teyon, 200pts) — The official description says "nothing makes a puzzle game better than cute and furry kittens." We'll see how true that is in — you guessed it — our upcoming review.

Anything for you this week, folks?