Worthy of a revival?

N-Space is a developer that is becoming a regular on Nintendo systems, perhaps best known for producing the DS port of Call of Duty: Black Ops. It's currently in the process of developing Heroes of Ruin on 3DS, a new RPG that will be published by Square Enix. Before we get to that, though, it seems that it's interested in reviving one of GameCube's forgotten games.

In an interview with Nintendo-Gamer, N-Space producer Tim Schwalk stated that he hoped to work on a sequel to GameCube's Geist, a supernatural title in which you play as a ghost: it received a mixed critical response when released. Schwalk also mentions SNES title Uniracers, so he's not short of old games that he wants to bring back.

This may sound a bit self-serving, but I would love to work on another Geist game. We left so many ideas on the cutting-room floor that it's a dream of mine to revisit the franchise. Aside from that, I'd love to revive Uniracers and bring it to the 3DS. I'm not a huge fan of motion controls, but there are a lot of cool things we could do with it.

Focusing back on Heroes of Ruin, Schwalk reiterated the broad range of features and multiplayer options that the RPG will boast, especially considering the fact that it'll be on a handheld platform.

We're not only creating an original world, with its own characters and lore, but we're squeezing it onto a handheld, complete with four-player online play, voice chat, StreetPass, and even new quest challenges added daily. These are features typically reserved for console games that have been in development for two or three years.

Heroes of Ruin's online options certainly sound interesting, and we're always intrigued when a developer talks about reviving retro titles. What do you think: would it be worthwhile having a sequel to Geist or Uniracers?

[source computerandvideogames.com]