Tidy at last

You know that fancy 3DS system update that was announced earlier in Japan? Europeans can now look forward to grabbing it on the same day, 25th April.

The update will come as a relief to those who have cluttered up their Home screens with the Ambassador games, demos and 3D trailers. You'll be able to give the interface a timely spring clean with the new ability to sort out your icons into neat little labelled folders.

Patches can now also be made available to correct glitches or faults in retail titles. As announced in Japan, Mario Kart 7 will be among the first to get an update, removing unfair shortcuts in online play. The fix will be required to connect online, so you can't ignore it and sneak back onto Maka Wuhu. At least, we hope that one's been sorted out.

It's been confirmed that the North American update is also on 25th April, so we can all rejoice together as we organise those messy icons.

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