Happy times for 3DS

Some things remain the same from one week to the next: there aren't enough hours in the day reserved for gaming, speculative Wii U rumours spread like wild-fire, and 3DS reigns supreme at the top of the Japanese hardware chart. As shown by the latest Media Create figures, provided by Andriasang, Nintendo's latest handheld is continuing to dominate.

It's not all rosy in the 3DS garden, as the system did see a drop in sales, along with almost all of the other systems in the hardware chart. That said, it still outsold all other consoles combined with a grand total 63,796 units over the week. The handheld also did well in the software charts with six titles in the top ten, including those old stalwarts Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 and Monster Hunter 3 G, which have all been merrily flying off Japanese shelves since late last year. Super Mario 3D Land notably passed the 1.5 million mark in the country with this week's sales, while Kid Icarus: Uprising is hanging out with the big guns in fifth place.

It seems that Wii is on its last legs, unfortunately, with just 6837 consoles sold. Overall though, it's another good week for Nintendo in its homeland.

[source andriasang.com]