What is THQ cooking up?

THQ's Danny Bilson was one of the first talking heads pictured when the Wii U's third-party games were confirmed, announcing that Darksiders II and Metro: Last Light are both coming to Wii U. They may not be the publisher's only games for the console in the works, though.

The LinkedIn profile of THQ senior producer Evan Icenbice lists two unannounced Wii U games, one of which is a Wii U exclusive, with both due to release this year:

Directly managing three (3) unannounced titles set for release in 2012:

TBD (Wii U/3DS/Wii/PS3/360)
TBD (Wii U)
TBD (360/PS3/Wii/DSi)

THQ has a lot of licences and franchises in its stable, including WWE and, er, SpongeBob Squarepants. What would you like the publisher to bring to Wii U?