More Goemon action for Japan

Nintendo of Japan continues to deliver the goods, with three more games slated for release on the Wii Virtual Console this month. Will we see any release in the west at all?

The full list for Japan this month is as follows:


  • Ganbare Goemon 2 — The second game in the classic series (not counting its arcade origins), this was still before any of the titles made it out of Japan. This particular instalment introduced Ebisumaru to the series.

Neo Geo

  • Real Bout Fatal Fury — The fifth game in the series (including Special), this one introduces ring-outs and lowers the number of attack buttons from four to three.
  • Sengoku Denshou 2 — A side-scrolling beat 'em up with a lot of Japanese theming which, just like the first game, is known in the West as simply Sengoku 2.

The next 3DS Virtual Console game in Japan this week will be a public release of Ambassador game Super Mario Bros., with nothing else on offer, sadly.