Soccer Bashi's sales figures censored

A few days ago, Icon Games revealed its WiiWare sales figures, showing just how its games had fared on the service, breaching Nintendo's non-disclosure agreement in the process. Nintendo responded by asking Icon to remove the WiiWare sales figures from its post, prompting Icon boss Richard Hill-Whittall to slate Nintendo's "negative, damaging" policies.

Hill-Whittall explains the necessity of solid information for the basis of any business plan: sales estimates and revenue projections allow businesses to make better decisions, but without access to sales figures it's near-impossible, says Icon:

Nintendo’s policy actively makes life as difficult as possible for the smaller studios, putting jobs and livelihoods at risk.

Is sales secrecy as bad as Icon makes out? Should developers for Nintendo's download services be allowed to talk about how many copies their games have sold, whether bad or good?