Talking shop

All developers who sign up to work on Nintendo's download services have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that forbids them from discussing sales numbers for their own games, among other things. However, British studio Icon Games has revealed sales figures for its WiiWare titles.

The company's biggest-seller is Family Games, which has sold 14,439 units since release around one year ago, while Soccer Bashi sits on just over 2,500 sales in around the same period of time.

Soccer Bashi — 3rd Dec 2010 (EU)/10th Jan 2011 (NA) — 2,512
Arcade Sports — 14th June 2010 (NA)/23rd July 2010 (EU) — 11,282
Family Games — 13th December 2010 (NA)/14th January 2011 (EU) — 14,439
Stunt Cars — 14th December 2009 (NA)/8th January 2010 (EU) — 12,577
TOTAL: 40,810

As a point of comparison, the company's PSP release Bashi Blocks — a remixed version of Soccer Bashi — has shifted 83,595 copies, though Icon's Richard Hill-Whittall acknowledges many of the big numbers were helped by free promotions; Bashi Blocks was free to PSN Plus members for a time last year.