Run away, CommanderVideo!

Gaijin Games' BIT.TRIP series started life on Wii and has appeared on 3DS in the form of BIT.TRIP SAGA, but the next instalment, RUNNER2, won't come to WiiWare. Why not?

Artist Chris Meyer explained:

This game is too big and too detailed to work on Wii. We need the Xbox power in order for it to work. If you actually think about it, the original six games, some of them don't even have textures, so it's going to be lot better with the 360.

But what about Wii U? Gaijin overlord Alex Neuse says:

We were playing about with our Wii U [dev kit] the other day and we thought, "maybe we should bring RUNNER2 to Wii U.

Curse you, Gaijin Games.