Home is where the heart is

Things have been a little quiet on the Animal Crossing 3DS front so far, with Nintendo dropping new information as often as rare furniture falling from a tree. However we now have an officially translated version of a recent developer roundtable, revealing some juicy new details.

One of the more interesting updates is the ability to customise furniture, changing the pattern of cushions or upholstery to your liking. That freedom extends outside your house for the first time too, as you can alter its walls, roof, fence and mail box, sharing these designs with other players via StreetPass. These houses will appear in your village as model homes, similar to how model rooms appear in the Happy Room Academy in Animal Crossing: City Folk. The man in charge of the model homes is Tom Nook, who's finally answered his calling in life and become an estate agent.

The full video is below and while it doesn't answer all our questions — who's running the shop now Tom Nook's in the housing business? — it's good to get an official update. The video closes with a guitar performance from Kazumi Totaka too, which makes it infinitely better.

Thanks to NintenDaan for the video.