Treasure's Guardian Heroes is one of the SEGA Saturn's best games, and its recent Xbox Live Arcade re-release isn't bad either. The original development team has now banded together once more to create Code of Princess, a Japanese action roleplaying game for 3DS.

Set for release by Agatsuma Games in Japan early next year, the game supports up to four players and features illustrations by Kinu Nishimura, whose previous credits include Street Fighter III and Cyberbots. As you can see in the screenshots below, it's very similar to Guardian Heroes with co-operative play, real-time battles and arguably the biggest sword we've ever seen.

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Here's hoping we see a Western release in 2012. Rising Star, XSEED; we're looking at you.

Nishimura Kinu Presents 『CODE OF PRINCESS』 for 3DS !

AGATSUMA ENTERTAINMENT Co.,Ltd. will release N3DS title 『CODE OF PRINCESS』 in Q1 of 2012 in Japan.

Nishimura Kinu, famous for 'Street Fighter' characters’ and other famous titles’ artist, started to think about some fantasy world 『CODE OF PRINCESS』 Originally, illustrated for figurines, passed to the world of games. As Kinu herself started to create the world and characters, the player will have fun for the invigorating action in a fantasy world. Developer of the game is the original 'Guardian Heroes' team!

AGATSUMA ENTERTAINMENT is an interactive TV/ hand-held video game publishing company in Japan, and also agents company; coordinating deals between publishers and developers world wide. AGATSUMA ENTERTAINMENT has been founded by a group of highly experienced game/toy industry veterans and based in Tokyo, Japan.

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Title :CODE OF PRINCESS   Platform : Nintendo 3DS
  Players :1~4   Prospective release: Q1 2012
  Price : TBA            Genre : Action RPG
  Copy Right :©Agatsuma Entertainment Co.,Ltd. ©empty/Nishimura Kinu
Code of Princess URL: