It might not be the best version of the game, but online multiplayer will make it interesting for sure

Just a little while ago, we posted a story about Japan getting the Mega Drive version of Super Street Fighter II with added online multiplayer.

As the west had not received the previous two online-enabled Virtual Console games (the arcade versions of Puyo Puyo and Puyo Puyo 2), and because of the fact that there haven't been any Virtual Console releases outside Japan for several months period, it was quite easy to assume that this game also wouldn't make it over. But Capcom has now confirmed on its blogs that this is not the case: there is no date yet, but they say that this version of SF2 will in fact make it over and will have the online multiplayer, a first for the Western Virtual Console.

Now let's hope this still happens before 2012; we could use a new Wii Virtual Console game.