Back in black (and white)

Four titles on the download front this week, with a bit of a mish-mash of styles: shooting, singing, escaping and bounty hunting. Of course there's only one title we're really interested in, so let's just dive in and introduce you to this week's contestants.

3DS Virtual Console

Metroid II: Return of Samus (Game Boy, Nintendo, £3.60/€4) — Samus is playable on 3DS for the second time in this week's Virtual Console game. While not considered the best in her back catalogue, it's still a title well worth giving a try, as our upcoming review will explain.


Escape Trick: The Secret of Rock City Prison (Intense Co., 500pts) — You're in a prison. You have to get out. What could be simpler? Sadly the game doesn't quite deliver an unforgettable experience, as our Escape Trick: The Secret of Rock City Prison review explains.

Just Sing! Christmas Vol. 3 (dtp young entertainment, 200pts) — After two Christmas packages, an 80s celebration and even a national anthems game, dtp's singing series aims for the number one spot again. We'll soon find out if it hits the elusive high note in a full revue review.


Big Town Shoot Out (PDP, 500pts) — It's high noon on WiiWare for shooting games, but sadly this one isn't quick enough on the draw to make much of an impression, as our Big Town Shoot Out review explains.

Will you take a chance on one of this week's non-Metroid games or will you be racing into the cannon-clad arms of Miss Aran?