There's plenty to choose from this week, with WiiWare, 3DS download software, DSiWare and 3DS Virtual Console all represented, though there's no sign of resurrection on Wii's Virtual Console. Here's what's available this coming Thursday.

3DS Download Software

Zen Pinball 3D (Zen Studios, €5/£4.50) — The first downloadable pinball game on 3DS, this offers online leaderboards and friend challenges to keep you pinging back to the tables. You can read our Zen Pinball 3D preview to see what we made of an early preview version, and check back for our review soon.

3DS Virtual Console

Lock 'n Chase (Game Boy, G-Mode, €3/£2.70) — A decent little maze game that saw release in Japan last month, we'll have a full review in the near future.


Castle Conqueror — Revolution (CIRCLE Entertainment, 500pts) — A good extension of the Castle Conqueror series that introduces some new features but doesn't quite put them all together as satisfyingly as other entries in the series. Still, our Castle Conqueror — Revolution review awards it a healthy 7/10 score.

21: Blackjack (Digital Leisure, 200pts) — Released in Europe over a year after its North American appearance, this is an OK representation of the card game with a few welcome options keeping things interesting. Check through our 21: Blackjack review for more.


Gnomz (QubicGames, 500pts) — At half the price of its North American counterpart, Qubic's gnome-stomping fighter becomes a bit of a better deal, but you should still read our Gnomz review before taking the plunge.

Nintendo Video

Circus 3D — Videos of the circus — in 3D! Nothing more needs to be said.

What's got you licking your lips this week?