Your Skyward Sword cover art.

It's a generally accepted fact that if you're off on a long adventure, the things you find at the start won't be as good as the things you find at the end. If only the shopkeepers realised this and relocated to the smallest town possible, they could make a killing from young adventurers.

Anyway, that aside, this new trailer for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword shows how you can improve your equipment during the course of Link's next adventure, using a combination of money and trinkets recovered from defeated enemies and solved puzzles. While upgrading your shield probably won't be the most exciting new addition to Skyward Sword, it should hopefully provide sizeable replay value and plenty of those beloved side quests.

Nintendo is calling Skyward Sword one of the "deepest and richest experiences" it's ever produced. We'll see if that's true in just two months.