By now you've probably downloaded the 10 free NES Ambassador games for 3DS but if there's still currency burning a hole in your pocket help is at hand.

Here's what's vying for your virtual funds this week.


Trenches Generals (Fishing Cactus, 700pts) — This is a strategy war game that some recognise from an earlier appearance on iOS, though this version is built from the ground up for Wii. We'll put it through rigorous training and see if it should face the firing squad or be given a medal soon.

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Pac-Man (Nintendo, Game Boy, $3.99) — The classic pill-popping game entered the 3DS maze in Europe last month and has now made it out on the other side in North America. Our Pac-Man review lets you know if it's a tasty cherry or a deadbeat.


GO Series: Fishing Resort (Gamebridge, 200pts) — A happy take on the ages-old story of what happens when a human with a rod and some string wants to pull something from a river. Our GO Series: Fishing Resort review is the catch of the day.

House, M.D. — Episode 2: Blue Meanie (Legacy Interactive, 800pts) — A second helping of House and his cantankerous ways. Is it lupus? Find out with our upcoming review.

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In case you haven't got yours yet, the 10 free NES games for 3DS early adopters are available now.

What will you be getting this week?