It's time for the final part of our series of features from WiiWare developers Nnooo, telling you all you need to know about escapeVektor: Chapter 1. With the title due for release on 29th September, this is your last chance to pick up vital tips to help your escape. Read on to learn about Interceptors, achievements and the soundtrack that will accompany your escape from the CPU.

Run, blast and reach for the stars!

escapeVektor™: Chapter 1 is a retro styled arcade game for WiiWare™ in which the player controls Vektor, an entity trapped inside the player’s CPU. Each level consists of a series of interconnected lines which form cells. These are claimed as Vektor moves along them. Claiming all of the cells in a level unlocks the exit to the next level, bringing Vektor closer to his escape.

However, this is no ordinary CPU. It has held Vektor captive for what feels like an eternity and it doesn’t want him to leave now. As Vektor progresses with his escape, the CPU sets up obstacles and sends out its army to destroy him.

In the final part of our escapeVektor: Chapter 1 feature, we describe the Interceptors, the most difficult enemy to deal with. We also talk about the Detonate ability, high scoring tactics and the interactive soundtrack.


Swarmed by Interceptors!

Interceptors are fast and intelligent. They will head straight for you as soon as they’ve spawned. Multiple Interceptors may swarm on you while completing some levels so you need to be alert at all times when they are around. They do however, have one weakness: they can only cross a certain number of junctions before they expire, so use Boost and outrun them if you can.

Most Interceptors will be spawned by passing through a switch so you should be aware of where they are and try to avoid triggering them until as late as possible in the level.

Alternatively, you can destroy them by using Detonate which is unlocked part way through the game.


Detonate! Yeah baby!

All of the lines in a level make up multisided cells. Fully bordering one of these cells by claiming the lines that border it will fill up a Detonation pip, allowing you to use Vektor’s Detonation ability to destroy all enemies within a certain radius. This is a handy, sometimes essential, weapon to use against a horde of swarming Interceptors. As you progress through the game your Detonation Radius will increase, giving you the ability to destroy enemies further away and clear a path for your escape. You’ll also unlock more Detonation pips which means you can use Detonate more often.

Scoring & Chains

If high scores are your thing, keep that Detonation finger holstered. This ain’t no gunfight at the OK Corral! The more lines you claim without using Detonate, the higher your scoring multiplier. If you get through the whole level without using detonate, you’ll maximize the multiplier and achieve a higher score. What’s more, you’ll also be awarded a star for completing the level without using Detonate. This brings us on to.....

The escapeVektor Star System

Lure that Interceptor into the Electric Fence!

Before you get too trigger-happy with Detonate, you might want to consider the ultimate escapeVektor challenge. You’ll receive a star for each level you complete without using Detonate. If you want to collect all the Badges in the game, you’ll need to complete all levels without using Detonate. This is where it gets really tricky. From an early level where it’s just you and a Hunter to later levels where you are battling against any number of Patrols, Hunters, Interceptors, Electric Fences and Cannons, only a real escapeVektor expert has the skill and dexterity to complete all levels without using Detonate. Are you up to the challenge?

Interactive Soundtrack

It can be tense negotiating these levels so we’ve created a very cool soundtrack to help you get Vektor out of there. Many of these tracks will be stuck in your head long after you’ve stopped playing the game. While you are playing though, you’ll notice some interactivity with the music. The multilayered tracks mean that the music will build if you are spotted and chased by enemies and as you complete more of the level the complete track will be revealed.

Have a look at our final video to see just how ridiculous these Interceptors can get. This is no walk in the park but you can choose to Detonate your way out of trouble if you have to. Just don’t expect to get a coveted escapeVektor star for blasting your way out of trouble!

If you’ve read all 3 parts of our escapeVektor: Chapter 1 feature and watched our videos, you’re pretty much up to speed. We’ve briefed you enough to make sure Vektor is in good hands. But the theory is all very well. How will you cope with the CPU’s army in practice? Can you sneak past the Patrols, dodge the Hunters and outrun the Interceptors? And even if you can, will you end up being fried by the Electric Fences or shot by the Cannons? All we can do now is wish you good luck. Oh, and be nice to Vektor, he’s been in there a while.