Now you're playing with power!

The 3DS battery life has arguably received just as much discussion as its games line-up, and there have been plenty of peripheral companies trying to solve that problem with add-ons. CTA Digital is the latest, launching its Deluxe Power Grip to combat the issue.

The grip includes a rechargeable battery that, according to CTA, "effectively doubles" the console's battery life, and is recharged either through the included USB cable or the regular 3DS adaptor.

Here's a video showing the grip in action. Don't get too excited when the video says "can wirelessly charge or power your console" — this isn't magic, just using the same contacts as the regular 3DS charging cradle.

CTA Digital Introduces New Deluxe Power Grip for Nintendo 3DS
New product allows comfort, extra battery life.

Brooklyn, NY - CTA Digital ( announces its new Deluxe Power Grip for Nintendo 3DS, designed to solve the problem of short battery life and extend playing time for gamers while adding comfort during longer playing sessions. This stylish grip snaps on quickly and easily converts a 3DS system, which already uses console style control placements, to a more home-style console gaming experience.

The ergonomic shape helps players endure long gaming sessions, while the textured grips fit fully into a player's hands for a secure grasp even during rapid and aggressive play. The 3DS controls, headphone jack, sliders and game slots all remain within easy reach, making the
game-plus-grip combination a natural and intuitive experience. The silicone material keeps the grip comfortable, but is tough enough to resist scratches and bumps, and adds a layer of protection for the system. A lock-on latch keeps the grip mounted to the 3DS securely.

The grip is charged using the included USB cable or the original 3DS AC Adapter which effectively doubles the 3DS battery life. The LED light on the power grip will turn from red to blue when the grip is fully charged. Many users reported issues with the battery life of this console, and can now play longer hours without worrying about charging their systems too often.

When players need to rest their hands but don't want to stop the action, a convenient built in stand folds out to hold the system upright for easy tabletop play. Not only does the stand base snaps into two positions to adjust the game playing angle for player preference, it also has a slot for storing an extra 3DS game.