A trio of games round out August in Europe, with something on DSiWare, WiiWare and the 3DS Virtual Console as the Wii's Virtual Console drought continues. Here's what's dropping in this week.

3DS Virtual Console

Gargoyle's Quest (Game Boy, Capcom, €4/£3.60) — The ugly gargoyle appears on Virtual Console in this 2D adventure spin-off from the popular Ghouls and Ghosts series. We'll have a review for you shortly to let you know if it's worth your points.


Aya and the Cubes of Light (Object Vision, 1000pts) — Object Vision's mind-bending gravity platform-puzzler finally comes to WiiWare following a delay to fine-tune the gaming experience based on feedback received. Can it provide enough enjoyment to justify the premium price tag? We'll find out after Thursday, in the meantime you can read our first impressions.


Bridge (GameOn, 500pts) — It's bridge, with local multiplayer and chat functions too. We'll see if you should pick it up or pass it on later this week.

Anything for you from this trio?