Is it Thursday already? With all the excitement around the 3DS price drop — happening tomorrow, remember — this is a crucial week for 3DS, and things just got even more exciting as it's Nintendo Download time.

This week we've got a little bit of something for everyone, so let's dive in and see what there is.

Virtual Console

Super Adventure Island II (Super NES, Hudson, 800pts) — A pretty enjoyable game and a welcome addition to the Virtual Console in North America, some two months after it appeared in Europe. Our Super Adventure Island II review should help you decide if this is for you.

3DS Virtual Console

Avenging Spirit (Jaleco, Game Boy, $2.99) — You play the ghost of a murdered mobster, out to inhabit other people, abuse their bodies and rescue his girl. A story we can all relate to, then. We'll have a review soon.


Kyotokei (Microforum, 500pts) — A 2D shooter with more than a touch of Ikaruga to it, you don't see this kind of game on WiiWare very often. Here's hoping it's better than Microforum's other output, Enjoy Your Massage! and 3D Pixel Racing.


Crazy Hamster (Gamelion, 200pts/$1.99) — In this 2D side-scroller the titular rodent runs automatically, and it's up to you to help guide him to safety by placing items along his path: parachutes, fire extinguishers, you know: the usual hamster-related items. We'll review this one very soon.

Go! Go! Kokopolo (Tanukii Studios, 800pts/$7.99) — A rare find on DSiWare: a game that's actually very good. Developed by a three-man team this is definitely worth investigating, as our Go! Go! Kokopolo review explains.

My Asian Farm (BiP Media, 200pts/$1.99) — We've already reviewed My Australian Farm so expect this to be an Asian twist on the farming formula. We'll review it for you soon.

Nintendo Video on 3DS

Glee 3D Trailer — People like Glee. This is some footage of Glee in 3D. This is either the best thing ever to happen to you or about as welcome as sitting on a thumb tack.

Next Level: Hugs! — The official description says "everyday activities are boring. Let us show you how to take it to the next level." If the catalyst behind this advancement is hugging, we won't be shocked.