You dirty rat!

A small download this week with four titles reaching European shores. Wii owners get nothing sadly, with the Wii Virtual Console drought stretching to two months now.

3DS Virtual Console

Avenging Spirit (Game Boy, JALECO, £2.70/€3) — You play a murdered gangster out to rescue his girl. Luckily your ghostly form can inhabit other characters to help you along the way: think a very early precursor to Geist. We'll bring you a review shortly.


GO Series: Fishing Resort (Gamebridge, 200pts/€2) — Another bite-sized morsel of gaming from the GO Series, this is not to be confused with Wii retail release Fishing Resort. In Japan this is known as Itsudemo Tsuri Biyori, which roughly translates to "Every Day is a Perfect Day for Fishing". We'll hook a review soon.

Oscar's World Tour (Virtual Playground, 500pts/€5) — Another entry in the globe-trotting series for serial mascot Oscar, check out our Oscar's World Tour review for the full verdict.

Hearts Spades Euchre (GameOn, 500pts/€5) — Play cards, on your DSi! We know it seems a crazy concept but here's a decent shot at turning physical cards into digital fun. Our Hearts Spades Euchre review is a diamond.

What's on the cards for you this week?