Not quite ready.

Rumours of Nintendo's new console started circulating before E3, and the system's basic concept leaked out long before Reggie Fils-Aime rolled the tape. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata spoke to investors recently and admitted that the console's big reveal E3 was a little earlier than then company would have liked.

Iwata revealed that although the worldwide interest in what Nintendo would do next was very flattering, it presented an "information management" challenge. With chopping chatty employees' hands off generally frowned upon, Nintendo took the second option and showed off its work to the world:

Unless we officially informed the public of the overall configuration of the system, we knew that fractions of information would spread in a way we did not intend, and as a result, we would not be able to present the product as intended. Therefore, it was slightly early but we announced the basic configuration of this system at E3.

Many Nintendo fans will nod their heads in agreement here: Nintendo had several technical demonstrations to show off but nothing concrete, and all the third party footage was running on other consoles. When can we expect to hear more about the machine, then? Not for a while yet.

This year is a very important period for us because we can say it is a challenge for the Nintendo 3DS, and since we have announced that the Wii U will not be launched by the end of March next year, I do not intend to speak about it any more in detail, but I would like to speak about it more when the appropriate time comes.

Sit tight.