Xenoblade Chronicles, the greatly anticipated Wii RPG due out this summer in Europe and the UK, is launching two weeks earlier than the previously scheduled date of 2nd September. The game will now launch 19th August.

That makes just a little less time to order that sexy preorder package. The game is also scheduled to come to Australia at some point, but there is still no word on a North American localisation.

You can read the full press release below, including preorder details.

8th July 2011: Xenoblade Chronicles, the epic action RPG for Wii, will now be available across Europe from 19th August, allowing fans to explore the massive world of this critically acclaimed game two weeks earlier than expected.

Nintendo has also created an exclusive pre-order bundle for Xenoblade Chronicles which includes the game itself plus a red Classic Controller Pro, and is accompanied by a poster tube with three exclusive, A1-sized posters, electronically signed by the founder of Monolith Software, Tetsuya Takahashi.

Xenoblade Chronicles takes you to the stunning lands of Bionis and Mechonis where the vast landscapes result in over 100 hours of immersive gameplay. Enjoy the freedom of being able to reach whatever you can see in the distance, exploring and plotting your way around the many quests. Xenoblade Chronicles is a real departure from traditional RPGs due to its real-time combat and the freedom you are given to roam the seamless universe without having to endure random encounters.

The number of pre-order bundles is limited, so fans must be quick if they want to get their hands on the three exclusive posters depicting the landscapes and characters of Xenoblade Chronicles, as well as the red Classic Controller Pro. Xenoblade Chronicles is also available to buy or pre-order as software only.

To pre-order your copy of the game or the Xenoblade Chronicles bundle and to receive your special pre-order items ahead of the new 19th August 2011 release date.

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