Not pleased.

Here in the West, lots of people like video games in which you shoot people. This is a fact. The war shooter genre, driven by the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield, has become a huge industry in its own right, raking in countless millions of dollars worldwide every year. Don't tell Satoru Iwata this is the way all games are heading, though: he might start welling up.

It is a reality that some of these [wartime shooting] games sell 10 million units per year in [the West], and this is one valid type of video game genre. I would personally feel sad if all video games became something like that, but on the other hand, I do not think such games should disappear.

Iwata also told shareholders third-party software will be crucial to Wii U's success, outlining his hope that the console will allow various people to enjoy what they like. While the president didn't reveal much, he did say Nintendo has been in talks with "major overseas software publishers who are good at developing such games", many of whom had positive things to say about the Wii U and its potential for the shooter genre.

Of course, we already know SEGA is prototyping Aliens: Colonial Marines, and Ubisoft is bringing Ghost Recon and Killer Freaks From Outer Space to Wii U, but could we see a bespoke Call of Duty come to the console next year?