Just for QIX.

Another one-two punch of 3DS Virtual Console games this week, as well as a mixed bag of DSiWare and a little musical entertainment on WiiWare. Let's do this.

3DS Virtual Console

Fortified Zone (Jaleco, Game Boy, $2.99) — Guide a male and female soldier through the fortified zone in this top-down shooter. It may not be the most well-known game from the Game Boy era, but we'll give it a fair shake in our upcoming review.

QIX (Nintendo, Game Boy, $2.99) — Use your spaceship to divide a grid into ever smaller sections, evading enemy and other harmful objects. This might be a neat little diversion for 3DS Virtual Console, so stay tuned for our review coming soon.


Just JAM (Zivix Interactive, 800pts) — Music comes back to WiiWare with this creative package developed by Big John Games, with a few neat additions: you can transport your creations around on your Wii Remote to share with a friend, for example. Our full review is coming in the next week.

DSiWare and 3DS eShop

Roller Angels (Agetec Inc., 500pts) — A truly off-beat looking game that blends platforming, rollerblading and graffiti, though with a very different graphical style to Jet Grind Radio. We'll have a full in-depth review on this soon.

Farm Frenzy (Alawar Entertainment, 500pts) — Start with a tiny plot of land and build it into a prosperous farm in Farm Frenzy from the team behind Beach Party Craze. With all the crazes and frenzies, perhaps Alawar needs to calm down. That aside, we'll have a review in the next week.

Jewel Keepers: Easter Island (Nordcurrent, 500pts) — Following the game's outing on WiiWare, Nordcurrent brings its match-three puzzler with a story to DSiWare. Read our Jewel Keepers: Easter Island WiiWare review for a taste of what's to come from this DSiWare release.

Make-Up & Style (Cypronia, 500pts) — Now you can finally accomplish your dream of becoming a make-up artist with this DSiWare application! With 16 different types of tool including pencils, lipsticks and brushes to use across the 'humorous' career mode, we'll see if this can beat the competition, Tivola's Beauty Academy.