Nintendo of Europe's just finished updating its release schedules for 3DS, DS and Wii, and the company's home console still has a few interesting titles on the way.

Chief among them is hotly-anticipated RPG Xenoblade Chronicles, out on 2nd September including an exclusive red Classic Controller Pro. Nintendo's other big Wii releases for 2011 — Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Kirby Wii (tentative title) — are both date-less, but reconfirmed for release this year, which is good we suppose.

On WiiWare there's a Quarter 3 date slapped on MotoHeroz from Trials HD developer RedLynx, and Anima Game Studio's promising Ark of Sinners scheduled for release next month.

Elsewhere it's the usual mix of licensed properties and dance games. Here's Nintendo's list for your approval.