You can tell from our Super Mario 3D First Impressions that Mario's first outing in 3D will be something special, and series veteran Yoshiaki Koizumi has spoken to GameSpot the game will play differently to its home console forebears.

Despite some similarities to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy, Koizumi believes the plumber's portable performance is more in line with the series' 2D roots in Super Mario Bros. and its ilk:

I feel like the core experience is something that we may have started to get away from a little bit when we first started presenting games in 3D like in Super Mario 64. The idea in those games is that you walk around in those environments and give the players a lot of opportunity to explore.

While Koizumi obviously appreciates some players prefer the exploratory elements — he directed both Galaxy games, after all — he wants a quicker pace for the handheld game:

The real basics of the Super Mario series is that players have to get to the goal of a level without dying. You have short levels with a very quick tempo, and it should be a very thrilling experience.

We'll see if Super Mario — still a tentative name — lands on the thrilling or the exploratory side of Mario platforming when it's released later this year. In the meantime, watch this E3 trailer. It's good.