It was a year ago that Capcom released that Resident Evil Revelations trailer showing Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield at odds with each other over some unknown situation. Since then, most of Capcom's focus has understandably been on Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, but thankfully, the wait for more information on the game is now over.

Revelations is set in 2005, in between the events that took place in Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance members, Jill and her new partner Parker Luciani, have been sent out to search for Chris who's gone missing. Based on his last known GPS coordinates, the search takes Jill and Parker to a cruise ship that's supposedly abandoned out in the Mediterranean. Upon arriving, the BSAA members realise the ship is anything but empty.

The game will be a return to the series' roots in exploration and survival horror but new ground will also be covered. Players will be able to venture underwater in an attempt to escape from the creatures that are roaming the cruise ship. If they are to survive, they must find a way out.

Game features:

  • All new Resident Evil – New storyline featuring series favorites Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield and introducing BSAA member Parker Luciani
  • Classic survival horror gameplay returns – Explore the dark, sinister areas of the cruise ship; there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide with evil creeping out of the shadows
  • Flexible Touch Screen Functionality - Touch screen adds depth to puzzle solving and provides easy access to switching weapons on the fly
  • Use your equipment – Use the Genesis scanning equipment to analyze enemy weaknesses and hidden items that will prove crucial for the player’s survival
  • Brand new threat – A new kind of horror is set to join the legions of Resident Evil; for the first time ever in the series, players will encounter enemies underwater, adding a unique challenge to the mix of gameplay
  • First person shooter view – Players can choose the shooting style that suits them with the ability to alternate between first and third person views to best pin point enemies

If you haven't already, take a look in our screenshots gallery to see the Genesis in operation. Are you excited about the return of puzzles and what do you think about the ability to switch between first and third-person view when blasting away at the nightmarish creatures?