It's not the arcade version, but it's an enjoyable game nonetheless

The 3DS Virtual Console is only getting its titles revealed every week, but the Wii Virtual Console is still sticking with the tried and true method of revealing the entire next month's plans at the end of the previous month. There's not really any big surprises this time, though there is one small one in the form of G-mode finally bringing a certain classic Data East franchise to Virtual Console, possibly in anticipation of an upcoming WiiWare game.

The full list for July is as follows:


  • Binary Land — An interesting Hudson title, in which each stage is split in two halves: you control a penguin on both sides, which you both control at the same time. Obviously, the trick is to figure out a way to make both of them reach the exit simultaneously.
  • BurgerTime — No doubt to prepare for the WiiWare game, in this arcade classic you control Peter Pepper as he runs across gigantic slices of meat, salad and buns in order to create hamburgers, while avoiding the live food out to get you.

Neo Geo:

  • Ninja Master's — Another fighting game featuring a variety of ninja characters. The main gimmick here is that characters can switch between hand-to-hand combat and using a weapon at any time during a battle. And yes, the title really has that apostrophe in it.
  • League Bowling — A fairly standard bowling game, though it does have a nice cartoony presentation.

3DS Virtual Console downloads continue to be revealed every week instead of every month, but in case you missed it, last Wednesday, Japan's 3DS VC games were Double Dragon and Game & Watch Gallery.