£99 for this is a steal

After four years on the market, Nintendo Europe recently dropped the trade price on the Wii, which will allow retailers to offer the console at around £129.99. Naturally many chains are pleased at this new price reduction, with some looking to offer the machine even cheaper at just £99.99.

MCV claims retailers may look to offer the machine at the sub-£100 mark either at the launch of the new bundles on 20th May or on the following May bank holiday. Whether at £129.99 or £99.99, several retail bigwigs are excited at the prospect, with the general consensus being the price cut will "energise" the machine's fortunes.

Grainger Games’ Phil Moore said "we’re sure this will energise the Wii," and HMV's Jonathan Hayes agrees: “this price drop is to be welcomed, not least as it should help to re-energise sales. It may well encourage new consumers into the market, especially with a range of £20 games.”

Is £99.99 too cheap for a Wii with Mario Kart Wii?

[source mcvuk.com]