Saying goodbye.

Takahashi Meijin, known to many as Master Higgins or as the master of rapid fire button-tapping, has announced he is leaving Hudson after nearly 30 years at the company.

Joining the company in 1982, Takahashi rose to prominence for his ability to fire 16 shots per second in Hudson's Star Soldier, a skill that led to the creation of a specific practice tool, the 16 Shot! Shooting Watch that hit DSiWare last year.

Takahashi also appeared in the Adventure Island games as Hudson hero Master Higgins.

The farewell post over at the 16 Shot! blog doesn't explain Takahashi's reason for leaving.

We spoke to the man about his work at Hudson back in 2009.

In honour of the great man's departure from the company he served for nearly 30 years, here's a video of those famous fingers in action: