Only last month, we reported that the OFLC had rated the second NES outing of everybody's favourite overweight islander based on a real person, Master Higgins, thus very likely meaning it was on its way to Virtual Console.

Well, the OFLC has struck again, and has rated yet another Adventure Island game. This time, it's Super Adventure Island, the first title in the series to appear on the Super Nintendo.

The game goes back to the basics of the first NES release, basically featuring just the axe, boomerang and skateboard, and it's also noticeably shorter; still, it's quite an enjoyable little romp. It also has a catchy, upbeat soundtrack composed by Yuzo Koshiro of ActRaiser and Streets of Rage fame.

With Bomberman Hero and these two, it looks like Hudson is fully supporting the Virtual Console again! Any other games you'd still like to see from them?