The Inazuma Eleven saga continues. Launched in Europe on January 28th, the game's been absent from the vast majority of retailers, causing many sites to speculate the game isn't available. In fact, a Nintendo customer service representative told N-Europe:

Unfortunately, this game has been delayed slightly within the UK. We should have further information available about this very soon, but we would suggest that you keep an eye at, as any further information would be posted there first.

However, here we have a photograph of the game in question: our Editor-in-Chief Damien McFerran cradling a genuine UK copy of the game in his gamers' mitts, courtesy of Gamesbasement.

The game is not a German import as many sites have speculated, as the game is only localised into English, with no other language options available on the cartridge. It also it bears no distinctive USK rating diamond, and is intended for sale within the UK, as denoted by the green triangle on the game's spine and cartridge code NTR-YEEP-EUR.

Update: We've contacted Nintendo and have received confirmation that Inazuma Eleven is not released in the UK, but that a small number of copies were sent out "in error".