The demo is probably this week's main attraction!

Every one of Capcom's announced arcade titles is out now, which means they don't have anything else coming anytime soon. Nobody else seems to have picked up their slack this week, as there's no new Virtual Console titles, but as expected that means there's a decent amount of games for the other services.


Around the World (Wizarbox, 500pts) – A trivia game containing nothing but geography questions, we didn't think this one was too bad, but it wasn't too good either, as our Around the World review will inform you.

Jewel Keepers: Easter Island (Nordcurrent, 500pts) – WiiWare's umpteenth puzzle game, this one looks similar to Bejeweled in that you have to put three objects of the same colour in a line, but with a few of its own twists. We'll have a review soon.

WiiWare Demos

LIT (WayForward Technologies) – A unique puzzle game in which you use light to maneuver through a dark school to rescue your girlfriend. Our LIT review will give you some additional information.


Ancient Tribe (CIRCLE Entertainment, 500pts) – A strategy title in which you defend an ancient tribe (How clever) against dinosaurs and the like, we thought that a certain other DSiWare game with nearly the same concept was quite a bit better. Read our thoughts in our Ancient Tribe review.

Boom Boom Squaries (Gamelion, 200pts) – An arcadey game, it sounds like this is almost exactly like WiiWare title Sneezies. We'll find out in our review soon enough!

Ferryman Puzzle (Engine Software, 200pts) – We have no idea why this one took so long to come out (It was given an age rating almost 2 years ago), but well, here it is! It's a take on the classic puzzle of having to transport a chicken, wolf and a bag of grain across a river without any of them getting eaten, but with its own variations. We'll review it soon.

Puzzle to Go Baby Animals (Tivola, 500pts) – If this is anything like the last two games, it probably won't be very good. Keep an eye out for our review!

Anything you're interested in this time?